IT WAS JUST after midnight as actress Sonakshi sat in the middle of her king-size bed with a cordless phone in one hand and her trusty ipad in the other.

There she nervously chewed on the small aerial of the phone before she took a deep breath and proceeded to dial the number advertised on the internet. It barely rang twice before a recorded voice startled her.

“Hello.” It announced over some cheesy 80’s porn music. “And welcome to—”


Terrified. The teen star abruptly hung up the phone before she slammed the handset down onto the bed and tossed the portable device away in frustration.

“Ugh.” She hissed. “What the hell is wrong with me?”

The actress sighed heavily as she fell back onto the plush mattress and stared up at the ceiling.

Having only celebrated her birthday weeks earlier, the child star had worked hard to establish a successful acting career. However all this fame and fortune came at the expense of her sex life.

In fact it had been several months since she had last had sex, and in that time the starlet had tried everything she could think of to keep herself “amused” including internet porn, X-Rated magazines, and even toys. But nothing seemed to satisfy her. She was still incredibly horny.

It seemed nothing could replace the physical act of being intimate with someone. She needed a man, and she was desperate. Taking another deep breath, Hayden picked up the phone and made another call.

This time a woman’s voice answered and it was her friend and fellow compitator Priyanka Chopra.

“Hey sweetie. What’s up?” Priyanka beamed. “You still awake? You sound kind of down. Are you okay?”

Sonakshi smiled at the familiar voice and then sighed through the phone.

“I need help Priyanka. I’m so frustrated!”

“Oh?” The actress snickered. “So you decided to call me?”

“Ha!” Sonakshi quipped. “No. I’m being serious. I need help. I’m going crazy!”

In a matter a minutes the “Dabaang” star poured out her heart to her BFF and went on to explain how her sex life had been lacking in recent months, causing her to resort to actions that she would otherwise never have considered.

“Phone sex Sonakshi?” Priyanka giggled. “Wow. I never knew you were so kinky. So how was it? Did it get you off?”

“Nah. I don’t know.” she shrugged. “I chickened out at the last minute.”

“You did? Why?”

“I don’t know. I guess I wouldn’t know what to say.”

“What!” Priyanka exclaimed. “What are you talking about? You know exactly how it works.”

“Yeah. I guess you’re right.” Sonakshi replied before she told her the truth.

“I guess I just don’t feel comfortable talking like that to a complete stranger. I’d be so nervous I probably wouldn’t even enjoy it. And God knows what I would do if I was ever found out. I’d be mortified.”

“I understand.” Priyanka sympathized. “Are you going to try it again?”

Sonakshi shrugged before Priyanka made a bold suggestion.

“Okay look. I’m home alone at the moment.”
“Do you want me to help you or not?”

“Yes. Yes. I’m sorry.” The younger starlet apologized. “Go on.”

Falling into character, the older actress then imitated a man’s deep voice.


Noting this Sonakshi immediately burst out laughing again.

“OMG!” Sonakshi chuckled. “Okay wait. I definitely can’t do this if you’re going to use that voice.”

“Fine.” Priyanka huffed in annoyance. “We should probably start at the good stuff anyway.”

“Good stuff?”

“So Sonakshi.” Priyanka added in her sweet feminine tone. “What are you wearing right now?”

The petite actress looked down at her body.

“Nothing much. Just some sweats.” She answered honestly. “Why?”

“Oh. Baby.” Priyanka replied with heavy sarcasm. “That’s so sexy.”

“Well okay.” Sonakshi snapped back defensively. “What are YOU wearing right now?”

“Who says I’m wearing anything at all?” Priyanka teased back. “Maybe I’m just wearing boxer briefs and a cowboy hat.”

This comment made them both laugh out loud.

“A cowboy hat?” Sonakshi teased. “Nice touch. Very masculine.”

“Thanks. I know right?”

“Jesus! Lucky we’re not writers for the show.” Sonakshi added. “We’re both so bad at this.”

“Why thank you sweetie.” Priyanka interrupted, bring her back on track. “But you know. Since I’m already pretty much naked, it’s only fair that you are too.”

“Wait. You want me to take off my clothes?”

“Yes.” Priyanka answered. “I’m getting, I mean hard right now just thinking about it.”

Sonakshi blushed and seemed a little taken aback by her friends comments about being WET.

In fact the admission caused a jolt of adrenaline to shoot up her spine and cause her own pussy to flood with excitement. Maybe this was going to work after all?

The actress sat up in bed and struggled to remove her shirt without taking the phone from her ear. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, so when the sweatshirt came off her pert young breasts jiggled loosely.

The star wasn’t sure if it was the excitement of what was happening, or just the chill of the cool air against her naked skin that caused her nipples to harden quickly.

“Talk to me baby.” Priyanka purred with a sensual tone. “Describe everything. I don’t want to miss a thing.”

“Well. I took off my shirt.”

“Can I see a bra?”

“No. I’m naked.” Sonakshi explained before smirking. “Well. Half naked. You can see my boobs.”

“Yeah?” Sonakshi replied slowly. “So?”

“So how about we practice together?” Priyanka offered. “Would that make you feel more comfortable with it?”

“Oh god.” Sonakshi snickered at the mere notion. “You can’t be serious.”

“Sure. Why not?” Her friend answered. “You trust me don’t you?”

“Of course I do but.”

“So? Let’s just try it out and see what happens.” Priyanka maintained. “You know I hate to see you like this.”

Sonakshi fell silent as she contemplated Priyanka’s proposal. Even though the idea was silly she knew she was at her wits ends, and so frustrated that she was willing to try just about anything to calm her raging libido.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely.” Priyanka assured her. “Just so you can get an idea of what it’s about, and not feel overwhelmed.”

“Err. Okay. I guess?” Sonakshi replied, suddenly intrigued.

“All right.” Priyanka smiled. “Now you be you, and I’ll be the guy. And let’s act as though you just called me.”

There was a long pause before Priyanka spoke again.

“Well?” She added. “What are you waiting for?”

“Huh? Oh!” Sonakshi laughed. “I was waiting for you to pick up and answer.”

“Oh for god sake!” Priyanka quipped while rolling her eyes, as Sonakshi fell into hysterics.

“This is just too funny.”