Me and My Family

Tere mast mammon ko theek se masala bhi nahin abhi tak. Sacchi tere mamme abhi tak khoob tight hain; tujhe jab bhi dekhta tha tere mast jobanon ko dekh kar mera lauda khada ho jaata tha”(I have not massaged your breasts yet. Really they are very tight; whenever I used to watch your beautiful breasts I used to get hard), he put them one by one in his mouth and sucked them hard as if he was trying to squeeze some milk out of them. She loved her breasts getting sucked and squeezed; harder the better, but his sucking was much more pleasurable than any she had experienced. She started moaning and sighing with a mixture of a little pain and a lot of pleasure.
Her hand went to his throbbing cock and taking it in her palm she whispered, “Aapka lauda ghode ke laude jaisa hai. Mujhe pata nahin itna bada aur mota lauda kaise poora meri choot mein chala gaya. Ek ghante tak chod kar meri choot ko faad daala aapne”(Your cock is a horse-cock I do not know how such a long and thick cock could fully go inside my cunt. You opened me wide having fucked me for almost an hour).
His hands were roaming all over her back and her buttocks while she was feeding her breasts to him in half lying position on his naked body.
“Accha ek bat pooch loon? Main aapko ‘chacha’ kahti hoon jab aap mujhe chod rahe hote ho… kuch azeeb sa nahin lagta aapko?( Can I ask you one thing? I call you ‘uncle’ while you fuck me… don’t you feel strange?).
“Meri jaan chudwate waqt jab tum chacha bolti ho toh ussey chudaai ka mazaa aur bhi badh jaata hai. Lagta hai jaise ham chacha-bhateeji chudaai kar rahe hon. Main aur bhi zor zor se dhakke maarne lagtaa hoon choot mein. Jee chahta hai tu khoob roye aur chillaye aur main teri choot ko faad kar aur bhi chauda kar doon”(Darling when you call me uncle while fucking, it increases the pleasure. I feel as if we are uncle and niece in real life and are committing incest. I start pounding your pussy harder and I wish to watch you crying loudly with pain and I feel like opening your cunt wider with my strokes), he bit her boob flesh saying this, then continued, “Hamare Islaam mein rishton mein shaadiyan ho jaati hain- cousins mein, isliye ham rishton ko jyaada tavjjoh nahin dete. Ham to sirf laude aur choot ko jaante hain isiliye hamaare yahaan incest ki nahut vaardatein hoti hain” (In Islaam, marriages take place in close relations-among cousins, that is why we do not care too much about such relations. We only know cock and cunt and this is why there are so many incidents of incest in our families).
His cock was throbbing wildly now. He had been moving his hips in a fucking motion as she held his cock in her palm. She was enjoying her breasts being kneaded, mauled, sucked and pinched. At the same time she was feeling great pleasure when his cock was moving between her fist, getting bigger and fatter.
“Chal ab kutiya ban jaa. Main peeche se teri choot loonga ab”(Now get on your fours. I shall fuck you from behind now), he said throwing her roughly on the bed and despite her feeble protests that she was tired after their first fuck session, he made her kneel on the bed on her hands and knees. He kneaded her ass cheeks and inserted two of his fingers in her wet cunt and moved them in and out roughly. He pulled out his fingers and, all of a sudden, thrust his cum-coated middle finger inside her asshole.
“OUCHHH!!! KYA KAR RAHE HAIN?”(WHAT ARE YOU DOING?), she cried and moved away making his finger come out of her asshole.
“Ek din teri iss gaand ko bhi chakhna hai. Apne laude se gaand maar kar isske chhed ko bhi chauda karunga”(One day I have to taste your asshole also. I shall open it wide with my cock), he said pulling her back into position.

“Itna mota lauda meri gaand mein nahin ja sakta. Main choot mein kaise leti hoon, yeh main hi jaanti hoon. Main gaand nahin marwaoongi kabhi bhi”(I cannot take such a thick cock in my ass. Only I know how I take it in my cunt with difficulty. I shall not let you fuck my ass), she was scared.
“Chal who toh phir kabhi sochenge. Abhi toh mera lauda teri choot lega; who toh pyaar se degi na”(We shall think about it later. Right now my cock needs your cunt; you willing to take it lovingly, no?), he rubbed his cock all over her ass cheeks, along the crack between them and rubbed it on her pussy lips. He pushed just the head inside her cunt and bending over her back he clutched her hanging breasts and squeezed them hard.
“Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… chacha abhi tak dard ho raha hai choot mein. Zaraa dheere dheere hi chodna” (Uncle it is still paining inside the cunt, please fuck me gently), she pleaded with him.
Keeping the cock head inside her hungry cunt, he looked at her nervous face and smiled wickedly. He loved to hear her cry. He raised her hips and waited a few seconds and then with a mighty stroke he pushed almost three fourth of his thick cock inside her.
“OOOOOOOHHHHHH… MERI MAAAAAAAAAA… FAAD DEEEEEEE MERI CHOOT… AAAAAI I I I I I”(OH YOU RIPPED OF MY CUNT), she cried and convulsed under him gasping for breath. She felt a sharp pain for a few seconds at his brutal assault. Before she could regain from the shock and pain, he had pulled out most of his cock and thrust it back deeper inside her with another 3 or 4 mighty strokes. He was deeply embedded in her cunt, his huge balls banging against her outer lips every time he thrust his cock in her.
“Chup maadarchod kutiya… lauda mota hai toh dard bhi karega aur mazaa bhi jyaada dega”(Shut up motherfucking bitch… if the cock is big then it’ll hurt and will give you more pleasure too), he said slapping her butts hard, making her cry again with pain. He resumed fucking without caring for her cries. She came once during the painful assault because while her body could sense the pain, her cunt found it good and loved the roughness of his thrusts.
After about 10 minutes, her cries turned into moans or soft cries of pleasure. Her cunt had been sufficiently been lubricated with her own juices and pain had receded substantially, giving way to pleasure which her body was feeling.
“Itne dinon se betaab tha chodne ko… aaj toh theek se chodunga… jee bhar kar teri choot loonga”(I have been waiting since many days to fuck you… today I shall fuck you properly… shall fuck your cunt to my heart’s content), he hissed.
“Oooohhhhh… haaannnnnnn… chodo chacha… chodoooooo… uuuiiiii… aapka sakht aur mota lauda mujhe dard ke saath mazaa bhi de rahaa hai… kas kas ke chodo mujhe… hayeeee meri maaa… poora lauda nikaal kar ek hi dhakke mein daal daal kar chodo… chachaaaaa… tumhara bhaloo jaisa baalon walaa shareer mere nange badan ko ragad rahaa hai… aaaiiiiiiiiii… chodo naaaaa… aur zor zor se dhakke maaro”(Fuck me uncle… your hard and thick cock is hurting me and giving pleasure too… fuck me hard… oh ma… pull out your entire cock and push it back all the way in in one single stroke… your bear like hairy naked body is rubbing my naked body… fuck me… fuck me with harder strokes), she went on urging him for deeper and harder strokes. “Le meri randi aur zor zor se dhakke… teri choot ne mere laude ko choosney ke liye issey geela kar diya hai. Teri choot andar se chhil gayi hai uss par abhi main malham lagaaunga apne laude ke garam garam virya se”(Here take it my slut. Your pussy has lubricated my cock to suck out its juices. I shall apply ointment inside your brusied cunt with my hot semen), he gritted his teeth and pounded her cunt wildly.

“Chachaaaaaa… main jhadhnewali hoonnnnnnnnnnn… aaaiiiiii… daalo apna virya mere andar… bhar do meri bacchedani apne garam garam virya se… meri bacchedani main apna baccha daal doooooo”(Uncle I am about to come… pour your semen inside me… fill up my womb with your semen… give me your love child in my womb), she was panting with lust and breathing hard.
“Ooooohhhhhh… meri jaannnnnnn… tu sach mein mere virya se baccha legi… aaahhhhh… main bhi gayaaaa… le mera virya… pila rahaa hoon teri choot ko… bhar doonga teri bacchedaani… uuuhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm”(My darling. You really want a child from me? I am coming now, pouring my semen in your pussy; shall fill your womb now), he roared sending long and thick jets of come inside her womb pushing his cock deep inside her cunt and falling on her back. She was lying flat on her face after reaching her orgasm- tired and unable to hold herself on her knees and hands. His cock was at least an inch inside her womb. He was sweating and panting like a dog; with his mouth open he was trying to regain his normal breath.
Both were sweating and panting. He rolled off her and lay beside her; his eyes closed with extreme pleasure that this girl had given. He had never come across such a woman in his life that would give fullest pleasure to her lover and get the same from him. As soon as he rolled off her, she tightened her pussy lips to restrict the flow their mixed juices and bending from the bed, she picked up her nightie and put it on her cunt to wipe herself off. Then she wiped him with the same nightie and rushed into the bathroom to clean her properly. He did not get up from the bed for long. When she returned she found him asleep. She switched off the lights and went to sleep very tired after two very satisfying session.
Later at night, in the early morning hours, she felt hands on her body. She woke up and found him nibbling her nipples.
“Ab so jao chacha aur mujhe bhi sone do”(Now sleep uncle and let me sleep too), she tried to push him away.
All her efforts to resist him failed and he fucked her one more time before the sunrise. She woke up around 10 am and found his hand on her breast. She smiled and gently removed his hand then got up to go to bathroom. When she returned in the room, she found him asleep with a look of satisfaction and pleasure on his face. He was not handsome in the normal sense, but he was always good and helpful to her. He was a great lover too in the bed. She felt herself attracted to this elderly man and recalled the night’s events while she prepared breakfast for both of them. She brought the breakfast in the room and found him asleep still. Keeping the tray on the table she went near him and reaching her hand she held his sizeable cock and bent to smell their combined juices on it, then she took him in her mouth. She sucked him lovingly to feel him grow inside her mouth. She knew he was awake. She took the cock out and pumping it gently asked him to go to the bathroom and freshen himself for the breakfast.
He got out of bed and returned for breakfast in 10 minutes. They had their breakfast then he went for his showers and she returned to kitchen to make some food. Around noon he was ready to leave for their hometown. He refused to leave the flat until she gave him a great blowjob, swallowing the ample supply of fresh cock juices. He made her promise that she’ll stay in the flat and, in return, he promised to visit her often.
After he was gone, she felt lonely again. She did not know how she would be able to sleep in the bed alone after last night’s wild sessions with him. She wished that he returned sooner to take her in his strong arms and fuck her mercilessly, making her cry louder.



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